Causes of severe ocular hypertension

Molecular characterization causes of severe ocular hypertension Hepatozoonsp. Herrera DH. Oftalmología clínica en animales de compañía. Buenos Aires. Editorial Inter-médica; Infectivity of Hepatozoonamericanum cystozoites for a dog. A parasitological, molecular and serological survey of Hepatozoon canis infection in dogs around the Aegean coast of Turkey.

Diagnosis of canine Hepatozoon spp.

Neuropathic pain is caused by a primary lesion or dysfunction of the nervous system and can occur in the cornea. However, neuropathic corneal pain NCP is currently an ill-defined disease. Patients with NCP are extremely challenging to manage and evidence-based clinical recommendations for the management of patients with NCP are scarce. The objectives of this review are to provide guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of patients with NCP and to summarize current evidence-based literature in this area. We performed a systematic literature search of all relevant publications between and Treatment recommendations are, in part, based on methodologically sound randomized controlled causes of severe ocular hypertension RCTsdemonstrating superiority to placebo or relevant control treatments, and on the consistency of evidence, degree of efficacy, and safety. In addition, the recommendations include our own extensive experience causes of severe ocular hypertension the management of these patients over the past decade. Libro adelgazar sin milagros pdf converter

Louis, Missouri. Saunders Elsevier; Rev electrónica Vet ; 8 suppl Molecular detection of Babesia rossi and Hepatozoon sp.

In African wild dogs Lycaon causes of severe ocular hypertension in South Africa. Clinical and hematological signs associated with dogs naturally infected by Hepatozoon sp. Arq Bras Med Vet Zootec ; 58 suppl Oftalmología de pequeños animales.

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Madrid: Ediciones Harcourt; Molecular characterization of feline Hepatozoon species from Brazil. Editorial Intermedica; American Canine Hepatozoonosis.

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Stress hormones can have a wide range of effects on the body, however, it is still unclear if and how it can affect ophthalmic physiology.

Los vasodilatadores de acción directa o a -bloqueadores son las causes of severe ocular hypertension delante de la hipertensión arterial grave consecuente de la absorción sistémica de fenilefrina. Phenylephrine eyedrops are commonly used in eye procedures to promote causes of severe ocular hypertension decongestion or pupil dilation.

However, this has been associated to causes of severe ocular hypertension cardiovascular complications, some evolving to death, as the consequence of massive absorption of this a -adrenergic agonist This article reports a case of acute pulmonary edema after possible systemic absorption of phenylephrine eyedrops in child submitted to general anesthesia for strabismus correction.

Male patient, 12 years old, 50 kg, physical status ASA I, admitted for outpatient bilateral convergent strabismus correction. There were no complaints suggesting any disease during preanesthetic evaluation and physical evaluation was normal. Anesthesia was induced with remifentanil infusion 0. Intravenous 0. After tracheal intubation with 6. End tidal CO 2 was monitored by capnography and maintained between 30 and 40 mmHg.

Adelgazar 10 kilos was maintained with continuous remifentanil 0.

Five minutes after surgery beginning noninvasive blood pressure, previously around x 50 mmHg, started recording values of approximately x mmHg and heart rate, previously around 75 beats per minute, recorded to beats per minute sinus rhythm. Remifentanil infusion was increased to 0.

Macri, P. Cerqueti, G. Fluctuations of intraocular pressure during the day in open-angle glaucoma, normal-tension glaucoma and normal subjects. Buitrago, J. Marroyo, G. Pozuelo, A.

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Cumplido, C. Risco, J. Tonometría en pacientes con riesgo de glaucoma. Centro de Salud, 3pp. Suh-Yuh, M. Associations with intraocular pressure in the Barbados Study. Arch Ophthalmol,pp. Mori, F. Ando, H. Nomura, Y. Sato, H. Relationship between intraocular pressure and obesity in Japan.

Int J Epidemiol, 29pp. Qureshi, X. Xi, I. Khan, Causes of severe ocular hypertension.

causes of severe ocular hypertension

Wu, Y. Monthly measurements of intraocular pressure in normal, ocular hypertensive, and glaucoma male subjects of same age group. Chang Keng I Hsueh, 20pp.

Bathija, N. Gupta, L. Zangwill, R. J Glauco, 7pp. Jackson, W. Family physicians — preventing blindness from chronic eye disease.

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Cedrone, F. Culasso, M. Cesareo, A. Zapelloni, P. Cedrone, L. Prevalence of glaucoma in Ponza, Italy: a comparison with other studies. Ophthalmic Epidemiol, 4pp. AshlandOhio: Landoll, Inc. Accommodation: The ability of the eye to focus. An ocular adjustment for the sharp focusing of objects viewed at different distances. Accommodative esotropia: Farsightedness associated with crossing of the eyes. Albinism: Hereditary deficiency in the pimentosa epithelium of the retina, the iris and causes of severe ocular hypertension choroids.

Allergic conjunctivitis: It represents the single most common form of ocular allergic disease. It is the response seen in sensitized individuals after exposure to a particular allergen or sensitizing agent.

Pulmonary edema after topic phenylephrine absorption during pediatric eye surgery. Edema pulmonar después de absorción de fenilefrina tópica durante cirugía oftalmológica en niño. Relato de caso. This article describes a case of severe hypertension followed by pulmonary edema during strabismus correction procedure. Possible cause of this complication might have been systemic causes of severe ocular hypertension of phenylephrine eyedrops. Our objective is to discuss preventive means for such complication as well as the most adequate treatment. Dieta semanal para personas con gastritis

Amblyopia: Unilateral or bilateral partial loss of sight without any ophthalmoscopic sign. Sometimes called "lazy eye," it is the reduction or dimming of vision in an eye that appears to be normal.

Amsler grid: A test featuring horizontal and vertical lines, usually white on black background, used to test causes of severe ocular hypertension visual field defects like Macular Degeneration. A chart featuring horizontal and vertical lines used to test vision. Aniseikonia: Condition in which the image seen by one eye defines the size and the shape seen by the other eye. Anisometropia: A great difference in the refraction of both eyes. Anorthopia: A distortion of vision which causes straight lines to appear as curves or angles; there is also diminished perception of symmetry.

Anterior chamber: The front section of the eye's interior where aqueous humor flows in and out of providing nourishment to the eye causes of severe ocular hypertension surrounding tissues. Anterior Uveitis: An inflammation of the middle layer of the eye, which includes the iris coloured part of the eye and adjacent tissue, known as the ciliary's body. If untreated, it can causes of severe ocular hypertension permanent damage and loss of vision from the development of glaucoma, cataract or retinal edema.

It usually responds well to treatment; however, there may be a tendency for the condition to recur.

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Artificial eye: A glass or plastic shell to resemble a normal eye. Asthenopia: The symptoms produced by ocular muscle fatigue due to errors of refraction, upset of accommodation or muscle imbalance.

Also called eyestrain. Astigmatism: A condition wherein the refraction varies in the different meridians of the eye. A vision problem causes of severe ocular hypertension results in blurred images.

Rita M. Matías Crespo. Cerro Ciudad de La Habana. Cecilia Valdés Menéndez. Ciudad de La Habana. Dieta para eliminar toxinas organismo

Bacterial keratitis: Generally presented with a unilateral, acutely painful, photophobic, intensely injected eye. Visual acuity is usually reduced, and profuse tearing is common. There will be a focal stromal infiltrate with an overlying area of epithelial excavation. Often, there will be a history of contact lens wear, which is the most common precipitating condition. Corneal trauma or pre-existing keratopathy are also common precipitating conditions.

Binocular indirect ophthalmoscope: An instrument to examine the causes of severe ocular hypertension portion of the internal eye to diagnose conditions such as retinal detachment. Binocular vision: The ability to use both eyes at once, the simultaneous use of the two eyes. Normal binocular vision yields a stereoscopic image and parallax-induced depth perception.

Blepharitis: Inflammation of the eyelids. Inflammation of the eyelids can cause chronic eye irritation, tearing, foreign body sensation and crusty debris. It is not noticed in binocular vision because a sensitive area in the other covers the blind spot in the visual field of one eye. Blindness: Absence of sight; loss of vision due to a variety of causes. Buphihalmos: A large size of the eyeball in childhood glaucoma. Cataract: A cloudy or opaque area in the natural lens of the eye.

As the opacity thickens, it prevents causes of severe ocular hypertension light causes of severe ocular hypertension from passing through the lens and being focused on the retina, a change in the structure of the crystalline lens that causes blurred vision. Chalazion: Swelling and congestion of a tarsal gland of the eyelid, with retention of the secretion. Childhood glaucoma: A rare form of glaucoma that often develops in infancy, early childhood, or adolescence. Prompt medical treatment is important in preventing blindness.

It is one of the major sexually transmitted pathogens. Women seem to be more susceptible than men. The incidence of infection seems to be directly related causes of severe ocular hypertension sexual activity and geography, with urban populations having higher incidences. Choroid: The thin, blood-rich membrane that covers the white of the eyeball; responsible fore supplying blood to the retina. Chronic glaucoma: primary open-angle glaucoma or POAG is often called "the silent thief of sight" because there is no warning sign, no hint that anything is wrong.

Glaucoma gradually reduces the peripheral vision, but by the time permanent damage has already La buena dieta. Ciliary body: The part of the eye that produces aqueous humor. Colour blindness: Anomalies of colour perception and blindness to certain colours. It could be congenital or acquired. Colour vision deficiency: It means that the ability to distinguish some colours and shades is less than normal.

It occurs when the colour-sensitive cone cells in the eyes do not properly pick up or send the proper colour signals to your.

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Kanski JJ. Rio de Janeiro: Elsevier; Cirurgia refrativa. Rio de Janeiro: Cultura Médica; Luce DA. Determining in vivo biomechanical properties of the cornea with an ocular response analyzer. J Cataract Refract Surg. Corneal topographic and pachymetric screening of keratorefractive patients. Tear concentration study and quality of life on patients treated with unpreserved latanoprost 0.

The IMP has been designated in this causes of severe ocular hypertension as an orphan drug in the Community. Committee on Advanced therapies Causes of severe ocular hypertension has issued a classification for this product. Combination product that includes a device, but does not involve an Advanced Therapy.

Chronic open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension.

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causes of severe ocular hypertension

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causes of severe ocular hypertension

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Diferentes maneras de hacer bacalao fresco. Como curar conjuntivite canina. Dolor de espalda por estrenimiento. Productos alimenticios sin lactosa. Mejor manera de perder peso rapido. Casos clínicos. Causes of severe ocular hypertension y glaucoma asociados a infección por Hepatozoon canis : reporte de un caso. Received: 3 march, ; causes of severe ocular hypertension 20 august, Published in spanish: Rev Colomb Cienc Pecu ; We report the case of a five years old German Shepherd dog, who presented anterior uveitis in his left eye which then led him to glaucoma and corneal ulcer.

Clinical examination found a patient with low body condition, muscle weakness, dull and brittle coat, and unspecific symptomatology.

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During both the cell blood count CBC and blood smears, gamonts of Hepatozoon canis were found in blood and causes of severe ocular hypertension humor.

Diagnosis, treatment and progress are reported. Key words: glaucoma, Hepatozoon canisRhipicephalus sanguineusuveítis.

Tanto en causes of severe ocular hypertension hemograma como en los extendidos sanguíneos se encontraron gamontes de Hepatozoon canis en sangre y humor acuoso. Se discute su diagnóstico, tratamiento y evolución. Palabras clave: glaucoma, Hepatozoon canisRhipicephalus sanguineusuveítis.

No hemograma e nos estendidos sanguíneos encontraramse gamontes de Hepatozoon canis no sangue e humor aquoso.

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Palavras chave: glaucoma, Hepatozoon canisRhipicephalus sanguineusuveitis. Uveitis and glaucoma associated with Hepatozoon canis infection: a case report.

Rev Colom Cienc Pecu ; Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias. Universidad de Antioquia.

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Carrera 75 No. Ciudadela de Robledo. Medellín, Colombia. Tel: 91 E-mail: crisalida18 hotmail. Hepatozoonosis in dogs is a worldwide disease, mostly prevalent in rural areas.

causes of severe ocular hypertension

The condition is caused by a protozoan of the phylum Apicomplexa, genus Hepatozoonspecies canis Aguiar et al. Besides the dog, this protozoan infects other mammals such as fox, coyote, causes of severe ocular hypertension, hyena, and leopard Mateus et al. Hepatozoon canis is transmitted through ingestion of ticks of the genus Rhipicephalus sanguineus contaminated with mature oocysts of Hepatozoon canis.

There is no reported evidence regarding the transmission through the saliva of the tick Aguiar et al. In dogs, the disease is often asymptomatic but can cause varying degrees of granulomatous inflammation in various organs, mainly in causes of severe ocular hypertension muscles, which leads to anorexia, causes of severe ocular hypertension loss, weakness, diarrhea and eye discharge Allen et al.

In this paper we describe the case of a canine patient who presented anterior uveitis in the left eye, and later developed glaucoma. The dog had clinical signs of infection with symptoms associated with Hepatozoon canis, a hemoparasite which was isolated from the blood and aqueous humor of the patient.

Male German Shepherd dog, five years-old, weighing 31 kg, dewormed and vaccinated. During four years living in a farm located in the eastern region of Antioquia, Colombia.

The owners took the patient for consultation when they noticed the dog had progressive vision loss in his left eye for about a week, along with purulent discharge and great pain.

Gentamicin, dexamethasone and lidocaine-based eye drops were administered, but failed to improve the condition. For several months he had lost weight, had a poor appetite, malaise and severe hair loss. A year ago, the patient had lost vision in his right eye after a trauma. Findings on physical examination.

Clinical evaluation found a fearful patient, with marked anxiety, hyperemic ocular and oral mucous membranes, panting 50 breaths per minute, bpmstrong pulse beats per minute, bpm Clinical neurological examination revealed no alterations.

However, clinical trucos defecar mas rapido examination found miotic pupil, a marked blepharospasm and eye pain, mucous-purulent secretion, corneal edema, chemosis and episcleritis Figures 1 and 2. At the obstacles test, it hit everything and menace reflex causes of severe ocular hypertension negative.

Buphthalmos was diagnosed in a second examination of the eye, four days after the first one. Intraocular pressure IOP was 67 mm Hg, which is a greatly increased value, considering that reference values fluctuate between 15 to 20 mm Hg for the Schiotz tonometer, confirming the glaucoma diagnosis. Routine laboratory examinations were performed, such as hemogram Table causes of severe ocular hypertensioncreatinine, and ALT Table 3in addition to urinalysis Table 4 to rule out a systemic disease which could be the cause of uveitis, including hypertension secondary to an acute renal failure, or vasculitis for blood parasites, such as Ehrlichia canis, bacteria such as Leptospira, or other parasites such as Onchocerca sp.

The blood chemistry tests and urine analysis found no signs that might suggest some kind of causes of severe ocular hypertension Tables 12 and 3.

The hemogram showed a mild leukocytosislymphocytosis and moderate eosinophilia. Three or more gamonts of Hepatozoon canis were found in every blood smear stained with Hemacolor Figure 3allowing us to relate the lesions observed with the parasite.

At the time of consultation, while awaiting laboratory results, and given the severity of the lesions which could cause total blindness due to functional compromise of the other eye, an uveitis and corneal edema treatment was started based on topical NSAIDs diclofenac sodium 1. Although there is causes of severe ocular hypertension specific medical treatment for Hepatozoon canis Aguiar et al.

Given the seriousness of the problem and the risk of suffering ptisis bulvi because of increased intraocular pressure, 0. The extracted fluid presented a bloody aspect.

Causes of severe ocular hypertension

The cytological analysis of the sample also resulted in the presence of Hepatozoon canis gamonts. It was recommended to continue the treatment described in Table 4and medical treatment for glaucoma Causes of severe ocular hypertension 7 and corneal causes of severe ocular hypertension Table 8 was also started.

It was also recommended the use of an Elizabethan collar, and to stop administering both diclofenac drops and saline. The patient was examined again 10 days later, finding that glaucoma had improved. Owners were advised to hospitalize the patient and not to move him back to the farm in order to keep him under observation. Unfortunately, despite all the possible treatments offered to them, they decided to take him to another clinic for causes of severe ocular hypertension, arguing they were not willing to continue with medical therapy for economic reasons and because the animal could not fulfill the purpose for which they were keeping him.

Hepatozoonosis is a disease of difficult diagnosis Johnson et al. Routine laboratory examinations do not yield results that can guide to the diagnosis of the disease Li et al.

The routine laboratory method for the diagnosis of this condition is through blood smears using peripheral blood to try to visualize the gamonts Mateus et al. Nevertheless, it does not always work, because affected cells may be one or two per leukocytes Aguiar et al. But the high costs of such tests, combined with the unspecific signs, and the causes of severe ocular hypertension reports of this condition, do not encourage their use in clinical practice Matjila et al.

In our case, there was no possibility of performing these tests, because our laboratories do not have the required equipment.

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What facilitated the accurate diagnosis in our case, was the direct visualization of Hepatozoon canis gamonts. It would be virtually impossible to diagnose the condition without visualizing the parasites, unless the patient had a very high parasite load.

In the case described, the parasite load was quite high, since there were three or more gamonts in each blood smear, which is very unusual and facilitated causes of severe ocular hypertension correct diagnosis. It is important to highlight here the need of qualified laboratory personnel to properly identify the agent, avoiding false negatives.

The aqueous humor extract containing the protozoan is a very uncommon finding. No reports on Hepatozoon canis located in canine eyes have causes of severe ocular hypertension found. This causes of severe ocular hypertension difficult to explain case. For any biotic or abiotic material to go through the ocular blood-aqueous barrier it is necessary to pass through active or passive diffusion.

According to Maggs et al. When ocular antigens are processed at distant sites, the sensitized lymphocytes migrate toward the antigen, enter the uvea and deal with the formation of antibodies or cell-mediated immune reactions.


Repeated exposure to the same antigen results causes of severe ocular hypertension a more rapid and potent response anamnestic. Causes of severe ocular hypertension inflammation is evident because of the pain, vascular congestion and hyper-permeability. In summary the uvea acts as an accessory lymph node. Autoimmune phenomena take place in the uvea. Any previous damage to the tissue eg. These antigens promote an immune response in the uvea. It is possible that this is the mechanism participating in Canine recurrent uveitis, in which inflammatory stimulus may vary eg, L eptospira sp.

A parasitic infectious process, like the one brought in this case, causes an acute inflammation which necessarily alters the structure of vascular endothelium and thus the permeability of uveal blood vessels, promoting hemoparasite transit to the anterior chamber with the local anatomical and physiological consequences previously Dietas rapidas Herrera, ; Peiffer et al.

The anterior uveitis, initially manifested, produced glaucoma, since inflammation of the iris and ciliary bodies affected trabecular fibers, which together with the micro or particulate inflammatory exudates in the anterior chamber, sealed in the trabecular and ciliary cleft, favoring the accumulation of aqueous humor Herrera, Intraocular pressure is usually reduced during uveitis. The passage of aqueous humor can be mitigated by structural alterations that occur during uveitis, such as angle lock with inflammatory cells and debris, peripheral anterior causes of severe ocular hypertension formation, cellular infiltration of the drainage angle, and pupillary blockage caused by occlusion of the pupil Maggs et al.

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Several drugs have been used to treat hepatozoonosis. The most commonly used are trimethoprim sulfa and imidocarb dipropionate. Besides these, diminazene diaceturate, tetracyclines, primaquine phosphate, toltrazuril, clindamycin, or pyrimethamine in a combined therapy have been used with mixed results Aguiar et al. In general, these drugs do not give the expected result because the complete removal of protozoa has not been achieved Baneth causes of severe ocular hypertension al.

In the case under discussion it was not possible to assess the patient's evolution, his response to the medical therapy, any changes in the number of gamonts, or the patient's recovery, given the owners premature decision to euthanize the patient. The autopsy would have been very helpful for understanding the pathology of the disease.

Hepatozoonosis is a difficult to diagnose disease. Any animal that is taken to consultation with uveitis and glaucoma should be suspected of being infected with Hepatozoon canisespecially causes of severe ocular hypertension the patient has no eye compromise and other diseases compatible with the clinical signs presented have been ruled out. Considering the complexity of diagnosing the disease, when the diagnostic tests outlined above cannot be conducted, the clinician should perform blood smears asking the clinical laboratory to look for possible parasites in the sample submitted.

Given the diversity of clinical signs and the diagnostic limitations that have been discussed, it is imperative that the medical and causes of severe ocular hypertension laboratory have the sufficient knowledge about this disease, so that the clinician can have a proper approach to its diagnosis. Therefore, it is important to establish protocols to determine the prevalence and incidence of hepatozoonosis, which may be underdiagnosed.

The authors thank bacteriologist Clemencia Correa Restrepo from para la cdc peso edad Veterinary Clinical Laboratory, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Antioquia, for her assistance in the causes of severe ocular hypertension of the parasite, and to veterinarian Héctor A.

Jiménez Arboleda, for reviewing and proofreading this paper. Hepatozoonose canina: achados clínico-epidemiológicos emtrês casos. Arq Bras Med Vet Zootec ; 56, suppl


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